What I do

I teach workshops, do accessibility audits, help teams improve front-end code quality and help clients get usable front-ends for their end-users as a freelancer.


If your team wants to learn more about web accessibility and/or CSS, I can help! I have years of experience teaching workshops about the web in English or Dutch.

Subjects include:

They can be customised for your team, to address your most urgent needs. Workshops can be (and often are) held remotely. My timezone is CET.

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Accessibility audits

I can evaluate if your site meets the WCAG 2.1 criteria for web accessibility and provide a detailed report of what works and what does not. I prefer to do not just a report, but also an in-house presentation, with context and practical examples.

Improve front-end code quality

I regularly work together with web teams to improve their front-end code. I help clients to make their websites faster, write front-end code in maintainable manner, improve accessibility and document design decisions in front-end style guides.

Interim front-end developer

On site or from home, I can work in a team, for example with other front-end developers, user experience designers and back-end developers. I am experienced with HTML, CSS and JavaScript and can think along about adaptive lay-outs, accessibility guidelines, efficient classnames and implementing new technologies (or defend not doing so).

I will make sure Jira issues get closed on time, user stories get ‘Done’ and pages are ready for demo in time.