About me

My name is Hidde de Vries. I am a front-end web developer, experienced with things like responsive web design, HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

I like progressive enhancement and ensuring accessibility. I’m good with living front-end style guides, and have an MA in Philosophy (how it relates to front-end work? Abstractions!).

Experienced with

  • giving advice about the feasibility and cost implications of user interface ideas
  • designing and building websites
  • modern and solid HTML, CSS (or Sass or LESS) and JavaScript (vanilla, or with a library or framework)
  • WordPress: I write themes from scratch
  • best practices in responsive design
  • best practices for fast websites
  • accessible websites
  • build systems like Grunt and Gulp
  • style guide driven front-end development (e.g. using my custom version of Jeremy Keith’s pattern primer)
  • mobile testing with software like Ghostlab
  • working together using scrum, Jira, Trello, git (and git flow), Sass/CSS/JavaScript linters/hinters and other tools

Where I worked

Since 2009, I worked as a freelance front-end developer with and for many different companies. This includes UK-based agencies like Nomensa, Bray Leino, FelineSoft, True Digital and cxpartners, and leading Dutch (web/ad) agencies like Fabrique, Informaat, Mirabeau, Hemels van der Hart, Tam Tam, Jungle Minds and info.nl.

I worked in scrum teams on various big websites, such as the recent redesigns of major bank ABN Amro, DIY stores franchise KARWEI, Delta Lloyd, Schiphol Group, the Dutch government and Nike.

Before I worked as a freelancer, I was employed by Concept7 (2007, 2008), Cinnamon (2008) and info.nl (2009).

I also used to be a volunteer at Fronteers, organising conferences, meet-ups and workshops.