About me

My name is Hidde de Vries. I am a front-end web developer, experienced with things like responsive web design, HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

I like progressive enhancement and ensuring accessibility. I’m good with living front-end style guides. I also have an MA in Philosophy (how it relates to front-end work? Abstractions!).

Where I worked

Since 2009, I worked as a freelance front-end developer with and for agencies like Nomensa, Bray Leino, FelineSoft, True Digital and cxpartners, and leading Dutch (web/ad) agencies like Fabrique, Informaat, Mirabeau, Hemels van der Hart, Tam Tam, Jungle Minds and

I worked on big websites like ABN Amro, DIY stores franchise KARWEI, Delta Lloyd, Schiphol Group, the Dutch government and Nike.

Experienced with

Before I worked as a freelancer, I was employed by Concept7 (2007, 2008), Cinnamon (2008) and (2009).

I also used to be a volunteer at Fronteers, organising conferences, meet-ups and workshops.