Quality front-end code that works for people.

That’s what I specialise in. I help governments, organisations and companies to get accessible, maintainable and future-friendly front-ends for the people that use their sites.

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Recent work

W3C logo

At the W3C, I work on promoting accessibility in authoring tools (like CMSes and e-learning software) and redesign of WCAG related supporting documents, as part of the WAI-Guide project.

DigiD logo

For the team behind the Dutch governmental identication service DigiD, I ran a half day accessibility training, focused on front-end development and testing.

Mozilla logo

At Mozilla, the company that makes Firefox, I worked in the Open Innovation team on software that makes it easier for people to work together on open-source products and initiatives.

Wigo4IT logo

At Wigo4IT I worked on a digital service that lets citizens of Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Utrecht and The Hague apply for income support with minimal fuss.

Delta Lloyd logo

For Fabrique, I helped introduce a component based approach to Delta Lloyd’s front-end code, and simplified the front-end code base to make UI ideas possible and back-end implementation easier.

Logo Schiphol Group

For Schiphol Group, I worked on the documentation of design and development through a living component library

Nomensa logo

Helped Nomensa with the (front-end) development of accessible pattern libraries for some of their clients

AXA logo

For Thirty Three, I built a responsive timeline for AXA’s corporate recruitment website.

Nike logo

Did front-end development on an internal project for Nike Europe that is viewed daily by thousands of their employees.

HBO logo

Front-end work for HBO Netherlands, including a landing page for Game of Thrones, for Tam Tam

Dutch government logo

For the Dutch Ministry of the Interior, I built a tool that provides insight in how local authorities process personal information.

3M logo

I helped FelineSoft with front-end development on a mobile app for 3M

How I work

Future friendly

Today’s web can be viewed in browsers on smartphones, tablets, phablets, netbooks, notebooks, desktops or even fridges. What’s next is unknown, so I aim to design appropriately and build solidly. Device agnostic, as much as I can. In everything I do, I aim to think future friendly.

Structure first

I’m serious about mark-up, the structure that lies underneath what websites look like. Well-thought structure can do a lot of good to a website and is helpful for things like responsive web design, findability in search engines, accessibility and maintainability.

My five most recent blog posts